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Hanger Bolt and Stud Co. clamping accessory
Hanger Bolt and Stud Co.
165 W. New Rd.,
Greenfield, IN 46140
Phone: 317.462.4477
Email: sales@hangerbolt.com
URL: www.hangerbolt.com
A self-centering workpiece clamping option is available for the Drill 'n Drive 320 hanger bolt insertion machine from Hanger Bolt & Stud. The clamping system was developed to eliminate the problem of misalignment of assembled bedpost turnings due to off-center placement of the fasteners. The clamp automatically compensates for normal dimensional variations of machined wood components.
Company Information Hanger Bolt and Stud Co. 165 W. New Rd. Greenfield, IN 46140 US 317.462.4477 sales@hangerbolt.com www.hangerbolt.com
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