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Tritec Associates Inc. Gannomat Mentor
Tritec Associates Inc.
45714 Oakbrook Ct., Suite 140
Sterling, VA 20166
Phone: 703.904.7890
Email: info@tritec.com
URL: www.tritec.com
Tritec Associates Inc. offers the Gannomat Mentor, which is a combination dowel drilling machine. It has moveable angle side stops that guarantee precision dowel boring even on out-of-square panels. The 25-spindle drill head with 32 mm pitch is designed for deep case goods and drilling of shelf holes on large panels. The Mentor has a fully automatic pneumatic tilting of the boring unit from 0 degrees to 90 degrees with an optional protractor for intermediate angle drilling. Other features include drilling from below and setup in seconds for individual batch production.
Company Information Tritec Associates Inc. 45714 Oakbrook Ct. Suite 140 Sterling, VA 20166 US 703.904.7890 sales@tritec.com www.tritec.com
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