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Keystone Wood Specialties Inc. RTA cabinets RTA cabinets from Keystone Wood Specialties Inc. feature the Cabinotch cabinet box system.
Keystone Wood Specialties Inc.
P.O. Box 10127 ,
Lancaster, PA 17605
Phone: 888.825.3269
Email: info@keystonewood.com
URL: www.keystonewood.com
RTA cabinets from Keystone Wood Specialties Inc. feature the Cabinotch cabinet box system. The Cabinotch Joint is a wood-to-wood locking glue joint that creates a square cabinet box made from North American Plywood, the company says. RTA cabinets can be ordered in 10 wood species, unfinished or prefinished, in more than 100 configurations, with dimensions in increments of .001 inches.
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