Color changes in dry wood

Why wood colors vary and what it means to you

What wood is right for the job?

Learn the desirable and not-so-desirable special properties of some woods

Adhesives play key role in guitar construction

A variety of wood glues are used to assemble the 175 pieces in a six-string guitar. Matching the proper adhesive with the application is important for Taylor Guitars.

Lengthwise shrinkage

Q: We are using southern yellow pine for furniture and have been getting what looks like lengthwise shrinkage. However, I was always taught that wood does not shrink along the grain. Can you help please?

Surface temperature for gluing

Q: Our kiln-dried lumber is stored in an unheated building until we are ready to use it. We then bring it into the plant and cut and glue right away with a PVA. I think that the cold wood in the wintertime is interfering with our gluing. I ran a test and if the wood warmed for a day, it glued better. Am I correct that cold wood is not a good idea when gluing?

Identifying shake

Q: What is ring shake? How do we detect it in our oak lumber? Does this shake cause a bad odor or other manufacturing problems?

Proper lumber storage makes a difference

How you store kiln-dried lumber and other wood products affects performance and quality

What to do when times get tough

When faced with tough times, fast management response and real change should be the first step.

Where can I get an unbiased energy audit?

Q: We are a medium sized plant and our energy costs are rising too fast. Can you direct us to someone that can help us with an unbiased energy audit?

Book review: A Splintered History of Wood

A fun look at the wonderful world of wood and its many uses.