Wood Species

Color changes in dry wood

Why wood colors vary and what it means to you

Species surface hardness

Understanding wood density can be a factor in substitution choices.

What wood is right for the job?

Learn the desirable and not-so-desirable special properties of some woods

News briefs

The latest news bites from the industry.

Opportunities for minor eastern hardwoods

Sycamore and wormy maple ranked highest in customer rankings of underutilized species.

Defining different types of elm

Q: Can you explain the various names for elm, such as slippery elm, hard elm, red elm and so on?

Determining true mahogany

Q: How can I separate true mahogany (Honduras) from the others?

Fungal stains

Q: We received some red oak lumber and a few pieces are blue in the sapwood. Is this mold fungal stain?

Interior gray stain

Q: I heard you talk about the possibility of sap soft maple with a gray-stained center surrounded by normal white color after KD. The lumber grader cannot see the gray so does not reject the lumber. We have recently experienced this phenomenon for the first time. In your opinion, is it due to sick logs or bad kiln procedure?

Raised glue joints

Q: We are having a problem with raised glue joints in our solid wood (mahogany) panels and we would like to know what your recommendation is for the amount of moisture content that we could get by with, without causing this problem? This applies also to high-frequency gluing.