Cabinet Manufacturing

Moulder helps cabinet company slim down

Ripsaw, moulder and chop saw help woodworker reduce space for inventory.

Project managing for success

Millwork producer manages its projects effectively to serve its customers and manage its own resources.

Robotic cell solves production problem

Technology and lean manufacturing open up automotive market for Paladin Industries.

Successfully competing with foreign-made cabinets

More and more cabinets are being made in China.

Cold storage of finished cabinets

Q: We will store assembled, finished bath vanities and medicine cabinets in cardboard cartons in an unheated warehouse throughout the coldest months of the year (below zero). We do not know what amount of stress this will have on the wood of our product. We are also worried about condensation build-up. Your thoughts?

Reduce your energy bill

Understanding your energy usage and how you're charged can save you money, part one of three

Reduce your energy bill, part three of three

Cut equipment energy costs, part three of three

Reduce your energy bill, part two of three

Cut your heating, cooling and lighting costs

To get paid, be a partner

Problem: Woodworking companies are having a difficult time getting paid for the products they produce and ship. Solution: Make sure that payment is forthcoming by being a reliable partner to your customer.

Rosario Cabinets president takes charge of jobs

Controlling your own destiny leads to success