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About CCI Media LLC

At CCI Media, we imagine, design, create, acquire and manage media products to serve the business-to-business needs of highly focused markets.

The need for well defined, market-specific business information has never been greater. With the proliferation of the Internet, information and data from blogs, websites, social media, and newsfeeds are flooding our offices daily. Some of it is fact, some opinion, some correct, some incorrect, some useful and some not. When it comes to quality, market-specific business information, many businesspeople are exhausted in today’s environment by the sheer effort required to sort the wheat from the chaff. Solid B2B media brands provide essential, relevant information for businesspeople.

Content teams working in today’s B2B environment provide four crucial functions on behalf of each audience segment they serve; they amalgamate, interpret, prioritize, and present essential information employing complementary media products engineered to serve the needs of a specific audience. As a result, the business-to-business media industry is undergoing a substantial metamorphosis, driven by advertisers seeking innovative ways to utilize both old and new information-delivery systems to engage core targeted audience segments with their brands. In the midst of this environment, many print-only, ad-based models have been forced to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Some good traditional brands that have not embraced these changes have perished.

CCI Media was born in August of 2010, in the midst of this chaotic business environment. We recognize the solid value proposition that many business-to-business media brands bring to their markets. We believe that now is the ideal time to breathe new life back into some of the great brands that have served their markets so well over the years. We believe that the opportunity to serve the informational needs of our audiences has never been greater than it is today.

We enter the market in search of B2B brands that have a solid core following and a brilliant future. We are well funded through private equity, experienced in acquisitions and integration of properties, and are seeking to execute transactions between $10 million and $150 million.

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