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Growing DIY furniture trend: discarded timber pallets

Approximately 21 million timber pallets end up in landfills each year, according to DesignBuildSource.com. At a time when more and more people are retrofitting their homes to be more environmentally friendly, using recycled materials is an easy way to reduce environmental impact.
Using timber pallets to make furniture is becoming an increasingly popular interior design trend. Wood pallets are ideal for home DIY projects because they are cheap or even free and give the home a rustic feel.
Many goods and materials are shipped long distances strapped and shrink-wrapped on top of durable pallets, or skids. There tends to be an unending supply of pallets around, available free of cost at flooring and furniture stores, supermarkets and lumber yards. Readily-available and recyclable, several trendy cafés and retail stores have jumped on the timber pallet trend as an inexpensive, eco-friendly way to furnish their shops with simple aesthetic appeal. DesignBuildSource.com offers several ways you can use pallets to spruce up your home and back yard.

--Create a kitchen table or coffee table: add casters to the bottom of stacked pallets to make the structure transportable, or wooden legs from other recycled timber for stationary furniture. Paint the pallet whatever color suits the theme of the room and finish with an oil or polyurethane sealer. Two pallets on top of one another can make a coffee table with a shelf underneath for storing magazines. To blend modern with rustic, a glass top can be added to the top of a pallet coffee table.
--Secure several pallets together and cover them with upholstered foam pillows to create a rustic sofa.
--Build an extra child’s bed by stacking pallets on top of each other and securing them to avoid movement. Add a mattress on top and colorful pillows for playful aesthetics.
--Create a rustic headboard by securing two pallets next to one another and fastening them behind the bed.
--In a theatre or entertainment room, home theatre seating can be created with 12 pallets. In rows of two, place three on top of one another against the wall. On the next layer, place two on top of each other and the row closest to the television will be a single pallet. Cover with foam and comfy pillows.
--To keep a mudroom organized and clutter-free, secure a discarded pallet to the wall. Poke the toes of the shoes in the gaps between the wood for a practical, easy shoe-rack.
--Pallets make perfect bike racks. With one pallet on the ground next to the wall and one pallet fastened to the wall above it, the tires of a bike fit perfectly in place.
--Create a vertical garden on the patio by fastening a pallet to the wall and adding landscape fabric to the bottom of each row. Then add potting mix and herbs.
--Funky room dividers can simply be made by securing pallets together in a zig-zag fashion.

February 2013

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