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Are shop classes becoming extinct in America?

California schools are cutting shop class from their curriculum in an attempt to abide by University of California and California State college “a-g” requirements, according to Kapitall.com.

Classes such as woodworking, metalworking, sewing, cooking, etc. do not fall under the accreditation requirements of California colleges and 90% of them have been eliminated from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

With more and more school districts getting rid of shop class, students could miss the opportunity to understand how things are made, the mechanics of the furniture they sit on, and the discipline and patience that goes into manufacturing.  Where else will they foster an understanding of these core principles?

The UC/CA State system prefers theory of study to applied skills, and does not find the classes a priority because they see the skills taught are a last resort when people have run out of options, according to Kapitall.com.

“This trend isn’t limited to California,” John Chocholak, who has testified in front of California State Assembly and Congress on the subject of shop class, told Forbes. “Shop class is dead and so are the potential trades people that would be born out of that early exposure to a tool or machine.”

June 2012

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