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How to choose the right lighting for closets, cabinets

If you have a job that requires lighting in closets, the American Lighting Assn. has some recommendations. Incandescent light may do a poor job in closets because it can't differentiate between dark colors. Fluorescent lighting can work in this situation if the bulb has the right color temperature and rendering. ALA recommends lighting showrooms to identify the light needed for the job.

Development of compact fluorescent lights and light emitting diode bulbs is making the use of incandescent lights less common. CFLs work well in the closet because they are cooler and more energy efficient. LEDs are also becoming more popular for closets because of their small size and long life.

LEDs also work well inside cabinets and drawers because of their small size. LED strips can measure less than 1/2-inch wide and produce almost no heat. Small directional LEDs also work well with glass door cabinets. Under-cabinet lighting should also be considered to illuminate the countertop. Fluorescents and LEDs have replaced incandescent and halogen bulbs for this application.

One other area to consider is lighting for toekick and cove areas. This kind of lighting can provide a more upscale look for a room by accentuating and delineating space. This fixtures could also give smaller kitchens the appearance of having more space. Fluorescent, xenon and LED lights can work well in this application.

October 2010

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