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Anatomy of a wide belt sanding machine: part 1

There are a wide variety of wide belt sanding machines available and plenty of different sanding heads to choose from depending on your individual requirements. Utilization of a high-quality machine along with the appropriate heads can allow you to increase...

How Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork improved its finish quality

An award-winning architectural woodwork firm, Gaithersburg Cabinetry & Millwork has come a long way since Stephan Smith founded the company in 1981. Growing from a one-man shop to 67 employees, the company, now doing business as Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork, specializes in commercial...


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Types of Heads on a Veneer Sander

Watch the video above to learn more about how the sanding heads and belts work on a typical veneer sander configuration.


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The latest evolution of robotic spraying technology, the MAKOR ROBOTWIN Robotic Spraying System, achieves high-quality standards while reducing processing times and cutting costs. The system brings two spray technologies with robotic and reciprocator arms together in a single machine, capable of spraying thick parts and obtaining the best possible spray on flat or shaped edges.


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