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Q. Maybe it is a faulty memory, but it seems to me that we are seeing more warp in components, and even finished doors, than we saw years ago. What do you think and what might we do?

Q. What is heart pine?

Q. In a recent Wood Explorer, you mention that sycamore is an eastern species. However, I live in California and we have sycamore here too. Please explain.

Q: There is a debate going on at our lumber yard between the salesmen and the kiln operator. Is it true that winter cut northern Michigan hard maple is whiter than summer cut? I have heard a couple of the old timers say that back in the good old days they had a rule that you don't cut hard maple if the leaves are on the tree. The reasoning was that in the summer the sap is in the tree making the wood a caramel color. In the winter the sap would no longer be in the tree, making it a nice white color. Is there any validity to this?

Q. We manufacture wood plank-style beech table tops. We are located in the Midwest and keep our shop humidity at 30 percent RH. We checked our lumber and it was 6.5 percent MC. When our customer in the South received the tables, they arrived flat, but began to warp within three days with about half, after two weeks, being unsuitable. Even a few of the replacement tables warped again. What is going on?

Q. We saw one of your answers where you suggested changing sandpaper more often so that the paper particles are sharp and we get a cleaner surface free of fuzziness. We tried it and it works great. Why does it work?

Q. We sometimes have an issue when an RV is stored over the winter with vinyl floors cracking and cabinet doors sticking. Comments please.

Cherry lumber is sawn from the black cherry tree (Prunus serotina), which is a member of the plum family. The cherries are very small, but are edible and sometimes are made into a beverage called rum cherry. Black cherry is reported to be a very effective herbal cough remedy. In fact, black cherry is used in many commercial cough products.

A few years ago, we wrote that the future is now for lightweight panels. Since then, it has been the view here that lightweight panel development was set to take off, but was sidelined by the recession. We were part of a seminar event in November 2008 that provided a current view of the technology.

Q. I have some ash pieces and I want to turn them into spindles, but the wood seems really hard. What might I do to offset this? The lumber looks a lot like oak and is quite heavy. Is this normal?

The curtailment of administrative restrictions by developed countries and the higher quality of Indonesian plywood against its Chinese counterpart, are contributing to a rise in Indonesian plywood exports.

St. Croix Valley Hardwoods, Inc. is celebrating 35 years in business. Gordon Fick, owner of the company, started the dry kiln operations back in 1981 along with three others. In the beginning he would be out selling during the day, and run the orders at night.

The Future of the Hardwood Industry conference will be held November 2 - 3, 2016 at the Wood Education and Resource Center in Princeton, West, Virginia.

Art deco table with complex drawer system takes top honors in 12th annual Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge.

Many furniture manufacturers are improving the efficiency of their processes, eliminating unnecessary costs, and improving quality by using structural plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) in their frames. OSB produced to U.S. Product Standard PS 2, and structural plywood produced to PS 2 or U.S. Product Standard PS 1 are typically used as floors, walls, and roofs.

i2i Design of Wood Dale, Illinois, is among a small but growing group of custom woodworking businesses focused on crafting products from the urban forest.

Woodworkers are encouraged to enter Oakwood Veneer's first-ever 2016 “Tricks of the Trade” video contest. The competition will include a grand prize of $2,500 to spend at Oakwood, along with two $500 runner-up and ten $50 honorable mention awards

I have been cutting a lot of slabs lately and building a lot of tops. This is the first one that I have finished out of a big double-crotch Siberian elm that I milled in the spring. The top is 36 inches at the narrowest and 58 inches at the widest. The slab was milled 3″ thick and was flattened and finished with a hand-planed surface at 2 inches thick.

Boise Cascade Co. has received antitrust clearance from the United States Department of Justice to proceed with its previously announced acquisition of Georgia-Pacific LLC’s engineered lumber production facilities located at Thorsby, Alabama, and Roxboro, North Carolina. Boise Cascade plans to complete the acquisition by the end of March 2016.

Q. Why do we have (fill in a problem) in manufacturing?

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