FDMC Best Pratices in Woodworking Technology and Business


Most major stateside cabinet manufacturers sat out KBIS, and an increasing number of importers followed established trends.
Custom glass manufacturer discusses modern interior design trends, including glass advances, new materials and motifs.
Cabinets, furniture can be submitted to competition in three categories.
Engineering graduate develops easy to assemble – and disassemble -- furniture for kids.
Miami couple designs and builds prefab structures across the states.
Highlights of the IWF Design Emphasis competition in which students compete for the title of the most original piece.
Respondents to third-quarter survey by American Institute of Architects report improving kitchen, bath remodeling segment.
Alternative materials can provide contrast with traditional granite countertops.
Specialized services help furniture and cabinet manufacturers capitalize on the huge impact color and finish have on sales.
New hardware and simple design options expand the functionality and ease of use for modern cabinetry.
Instagram and the Olympics influenced the “Simply Enlightenment 2014” trend report.
Simply Enlightenment 2014 looks at how social, culture, demographic changes influence design trends.
More attention is being paid to Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry’s interior storage products and their functionality.
Marsala, Lucite green, strawberry ice among top colors.

According to retail interior environments manufacturers and industry observers, the post-2008 downturn was a steep slope for some, but eventually a measured, steady recovery fed off a Darwinistic business climate where the strong interior commercial fixture producers only became more robust, thanks to creative agility, new materials integration, and flexible manufacturing processes.

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