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IMA Schelling America has recently completed construction of a new showroom in its U.S. office in Raleigh, North Carolina. The 10,000 square foot showroom gives visitors the opportunity to observe machine demonstrations, receive training and hands-on experience with the machines, and speak face to face with the staff of IMA Schelling America.

Secondary wood products manufacturing facilities manufacture various types of products on the same equipment and thus have to frequently change set-ups. Set-ups typically are time-consuming and require manpower, adding to costs while reducing production and income. However, some set-up activities can be designed such that they do not require the equipment to stop.

IWF 2016 presented many opportunities for SCM Group to display its woodworking technology, lean manufacturing ideas and material handling options. The company is looking forward to capitalizing on their most successful IWF to date.

Paladin Industries has achieved a seamless appearance in its edgebanding and has gotten rid of the glue pot to boot. The Kentwood, Michigan, company is using the zero edge/AirTec technology to boost its edgebanding capability.

But Grafton Furniture is also looking ahead, adding technology to improve its service to customers, and enlisting the help and advice of Marcus Lemonis, host of The Profit, the CNBC-TV program that seeks to turn around small businesses. Lemonis has worked with Steve Grafton and his sons Ryan and Steven.

Powermatic has entered the multi-dimensional world of computer numerical control by introducing two CNC woodworking routers. Available in 2x2-foot and 2x4-foot sizes, the CNCs are priced starting at $5,719.

As woodworking factory and shops get busier, they are also getting noisier - largely a function of saw blades and cutting tools doing their duties. The high noise emissions of circular saws is one area of particular concern, since the frequency of even and idling saw blade spinning can damage hearing - and is unpleasant both for operators and their colleagues. That noise can be so piercing it i even bothersome to neighbouring workplaces. 

It was a desire to increase the capacity of its solid wood butt joint doors that led the company on its latest technology search. The result of its efforts has not only increased the capacity and improved the consistency of products for the company, but also earned Decore the 2016 Wooden Globe Award for Innovator of the Year from the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association.

WB Manufacturing makes a great case for technology investment and integration. Less than a year after a major plant expansion, the Thorp, Wisconsin-based cabinet and caseworks manufacturer already is reaping a return on its $1.6 million equipment investment while taking Industry 4.0 – networked production – to a new level.

A new CNC machining center with the ability to apply labels on the router table before nesting has helped boost panel processing capability for Desco Professional Builders, Inc.

Simple solution helps workers know what’s what inside the widebelt sander.

C & C Industrial Sales in Gallatin, Tennessee, has announced the opening of its Wood Finishing Superstore to provide equipment and spare parts to wood manufacturing and finishing shops in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

James L. Taylor Mfg. welcomed distributors and four other woodworking equipment manufacturers to its new location in Poughkeepsie, New York, for a special combined training event.

Tightening the joint with new types of fasteners is on the radar for wood manufacturers. The new breed of hardware requiring unique machining of panel and solid wood is shaping up to be a top joinery story for IWF 2016 next month.

About 50 percent of ConceptWorks’ business is in retail displays, and the trade show sector would be about 20 percent, including everything from a 10 x 10 booth to a 60 x 100 trade show display, with all the work and details. Specialty architectural and design-based jobs account for another 10 to 15 percent of what they do. The final area is to design something from the ground up, which may be beyond any category.

Corsi Group built a new cabinet manufacturing operation in Keysville, Virginia, to make its Siteline cabinetry line, and started production in the third quarter of 2015, ramping up slowly.

Barnyard Salvage is a Virginia-based wood reclaim operation that reprocesses old barn siding into beautiful and functional pieces within a home or building, giving new life to what would otherwise be scrap material. Barnyard Salvage produces one-of-a-kind wood pieces that are rustic, beautiful, and environmentally friendly.

European style cabinetry in very shiny finishes has been trending upward in popularity with consumers. But for commercial clients, glossy treatments for retail and in architectural business interiors have been a longer-term trend. 

SCM Group is helping bring the lean manufacturing message to its customers. Jim Lewis and Brad Cairns of the Center for Lean Learning spoke at an SCM Group event recently on lean thinking’s effect on improving productivity with and without automation and technology.

Homag Machinery North America has opened a large new 100,000-square-foot production location in Kentwood, Michigan, and held a grand opening event to mark the occasion.

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