FDMC Best Pratices in Woodworking Technology and Business

Best Practices

Improve your lean team’s understanding of demand and keep them on track with an hour-by-hour chart.

Here’s how you can address three common misperceptions that crop up on a typical lean journey.

Annual CMA/FDMC benchmark survey shows value of CNC use, reports revenue and wages.

How your brain filters information affects how you and your team see opportunities for lean improvements.

Sales for the FDMC 300 group of companies grew 7 percent in 2015 to $46.404 billion over 2014. Here are detailed reports on the 25 largest companies.

Lean thinking can be applied anywhere, even on a cruise ship.

From the outside, Lusting Custom Cabinets appears to be just like many other cabinet shops. The family-owned business builds custom furniture, cabinets, casework, doors, and mouldings, all in two buildings with ten employees and extensive machinery packed in just 14,000 square feet. 

The first step in a new lean journey is going to gemba (where the work gets done) for the initial assessment.

Keith Morgan’s company Bespoke brings superlative custom designs and award-winning veneer work to an elite clientele far beyond its Midwest location.

A seminar held at last week’s AWFS Fair in Las Vegas titled “The New Normal in Design and Mass Customization”, focused on how cabinet shops, millwork shops, and furniture manufacturers can improve production, make better design investments, and how to get the most out of their employees.

‘Cabinetry for Today’s Needs’, one of the many educational seminars held at this year’s AWFS, stressed two lessons often overlooked by today’s cabinetmakers. Seminar speaker Debbie Cannon, marketing manager and space specialist for Blum Inc., emphasized that cabinetmaker’s should know their markets, and assist customers in fully utilizing their cabinets.

Experts share tips for a successful financial arrangement when adding machinery to your shop.

Manufacturing firm KI Furniture is calling on employers to adopt an "Active Design" approach to the workplace by making workers' health and wellness top priorities. KI issued that call this week during a panel discussion at NeoCon, North America's largest design exposition.

In his 20+ years in the industry as a manufacturer’s representative, consultant and NKBA University instructor John Morgan has curated best practices and the latest digital tools to help take sales and marketing efforts to the next level:

The American Wood Council (AWC) has been approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System as a provider of continuing education. “This approval provides additional opportunities for AWC's education programs, especially for building officials who require AIA credits for licensing,” said AWC Vice President of Technology Transfer John “Buddy” Showalter.

Jim Lewis, author of “Story of a Lean Journey”, and Dave Irwin have completed another eBook on Lean Thinking.  The eBook, “A Testament to Lean Thinking – Cases for Change”, is available through all major book retailers except Amazon, where it will be added later today.  It is also available at www.smashwords.com.

Spraying and solvent finishes top lists, but environmental interest is high.
Locking blades and other features make these knives especially handy for all sorts of tasks.
La-Z-Boy executive explains commitment to lean.
Keep saw running at peak performance, reduce downtime, and get the highest yield, Mereen-Johnson advises.
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