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Dean Mattson spoke on the impact of industry support in today’s education.

Many well-known companies failed because they did not keep up with a rapidly changing marketplace.
See how straightforward the process is to implement lean thinking in a typical woodworking shop.
CabinetMaker+FDM takes on a new name for a new year, becoming FDMC.
Vision and approach make all the difference in making lean transformation successful.
Are you getting paid for the design work you do on custom projects?
It’s not where it goes, it’s how it gets there.
A change of place offers a change in outlook and a chance to clear out the old.
You certainly can embark on a lean journey without help, but expert aid is likely to smooth the road.
More cabinet companies were added to the FDM 300 in 2014.
Standardization provides continuity, consistency, and repeatability, in the manufacturing process, helping us meet customer expectations.
Can standardization and automation actually increase opportunities for innovation?

Many leaders who are attempting to implement lean thinking in their business still don't understand the relationship between maximizing resources and engaging all available resources in that pursuit. The people at your company are the most valuable continuous improvement resource at your disposal. To not effectively engage the staff means the company will never achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

Gray is trending in painted kitchen cabinet finishes, but how much attention should custom shops pay to such trends?

Actual contact makes it a lot easier to understand and decide about the technology you need for your shop.

Everyone in our industry looks closely at the major trade exhibitions. They are a full-color, living and breathing indication of the health of the industry. Judging from people we saw and spoke with at the show, the industry is in strong shape.

How you approach clients can affect how much they are willing to pay you.

Discovering opportunities for improvement and making them happen by “going to gemba.”

The chart of residential construction since 1959 tells a sad story. While we are finally seeing a rebound from the historic lows of 2009 through 2011, housing starts are still lingering well below the 1.5 million or so averaged between 1959 and 2007.

Need help finding skilled workers? Madison Area Technical College’s Wood Moves Fall 2015 issue has a number of ideas to attract graduates. You can work with MATC and on your own:

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