FDMC Best Pratices in Woodworking Technology and Business

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Wide ranging answers in 2016 FDMC Pricing Survey show challenges shops face in pricing custom work.

Secondary wood products manufacturing facilities manufacture various types of products on the same equipment and thus have to frequently change set-ups. Set-ups typically are time-consuming and require manpower, adding to costs while reducing production and income. However, some set-up activities can be designed such that they do not require the equipment to stop.

Matt Castilleja has had an unusual career path, and a special mentor who helped him on his way.

Bosch releases new saw with flesh-sensing technology to enter the safety saw market 

Using job numbers or purchase order numbers reduces confusion and wasted time.

Simple solution helps workers know what’s what inside the widebelt sander.

Kitchens, built-ins, vanity and store fixtures all part of FDMC Pricing Survey; bids due August 15.

Get instant access to the 2016 FDMC Pricing Survey bid package; bids due August 26.

Participate in the 2016 FDMC Pricing Survey and help the whole industry get a better handle on pricing for custom woodwork.

Leasing and finance experts share advice on how best to lease or finance equipment for your business.

Ingenuity and CNC combine to create not only restoration parts but also exotic wood upgrades.

You can tell the finisher by the samples they display.

Brooklyn Hardware’s trademarked Panelclip products make hanging panels, art, even cabinets, fast and secure.

Hybrid canoe/kayak is made with 95 percent recycled materials.

Annual CMA/FDMC benchmark survey shows value of CNC use, reports revenue and wages.

Cabinet Shop Tips: Simple tool saves time and hassles when you need air to clean off parts or tools.

Paying attention to sanding technique will pay off in better productivity and improved product finish.

FDMC magazine and Woodworking Network will launch a national gathering of woodworking collectives 

The St. Louis company is a builder, but it also makes frameless contemporary cabinets in its own modern shop, plus man doors, trim, specialty mouldings, and some custom furniture. Most work is residential, with about 75 percent renovation and additions, and 25 percent new construction.

New Bosch JS120 cordless barrel grip jig saw goes where other saws can’t.

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