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Historically the commercialization of new technology has preceded higher labor productivity across the world economy. With productivity in the U.S. growing by only 1.3 percent annually over the past decade, economists are looking to the latest deployment of high-tech gizmos to give our economy a kick in the pants.

Improve your lean team’s understanding of demand and keep them on track with an hour-by-hour chart.

Despite an undeserved reputation as a “legacy” industry, woodworking has shown this year that it can be full of high-tech and innovation.

A few years ago, we wrote that the future is now for lightweight panels. Since then, it has been the view here that lightweight panel development was set to take off, but was sidelined by the recession. We were part of a seminar event in November 2008 that provided a current view of the technology.

The Lean Coordinator plays a crucial role in the success of your lean transformation.

Is pricing custom woodwork a science or just a matter of guessing the right numbers?

Take solid steps to keep your lean initiative sticky but not stuck.

U.S. business productivity fell by 0.5 percent in this year’s second quarter. That performance marked the third consecutive quarter of declining productivity – the longest negative streak since 1979.

When I tell my friends about IWF and my spending a week in Atlanta every other August, they are always amazed.  They ask: How many new innovations can there be in woodworking? How many new sawblades or sandpaper types can you have?

Avoid the common pitfalls that can bog down a lean initiative and keep improvements from sticking.

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