Testing new Delta saw blades for melamine

Will Sampson tries out new saw blades supplied by Delta and designed for tear-out free cuts in two-sided melamine.


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  • Sorry about the "Test." New blade, 6" of cut?? Most sharpening services won't be able to correctly sharpen it, so figure on sending to the mfg. Most of the blades with a similar tooth style (sharp corners) will dull quickly, probably this one too. If you make your living using melamine or HPL laminated panels you really should use equipment designed for it. This blade & a 10" table saw are fine for hobby woodworking. Perhaps I just got had, I spent about $400 for a new set of Leuco blades for our saw. OR, do you get what you pay for?
    PS: The video about the Lamello strap clamps. Similar clamps have been for sale for 20 years or so and do work quite well, recommended.