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Historically the commercialization of new technology has preceded higher labor productivity across the world economy. With productivity in the U.S. growing by only 1.3 percent annually over the past d...

What is heart pine?

Q. What is heart pine? A. In general terms, “heart pine” often refers to the heartwood (which is reddish in color; the redder, the better) from one of the southern pines. But almost every...


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DOOR PRODUCTION - We Make Doors Our Business
Small to Very Large Capacity Requirements; Explore Our 45 Years of American Designed, Manufactured & Assembled Quality Machinery

Innovative Vacuum Workholding Solutions from NEMI
Vacuum Chucks -Vacuum Tables -Vacuum Pods -Custom Vacuum Workholding -Digitizers

Package includes CNC Router, our suite of CAD/CAM software, all tooling, shipping & 4 days onsite. One stop shop - MADE IN THE USA!

SimplyPowerful® AND Affordable Software
Design to Shop Drawings to Elevations to Bidding to Cutlists to Door Reports to Panel Optimization to creating g-code for your CNC router! Cabinet Pro LLC
Cabinet Pro LLC

DP217 - Treasure Chest Drawer Pull
Grasp ring and lift 90 degrees to open. Stop points prevent slamming against drawer face. Satin Nickel. 
   Doug Mockett & Company, Inc.

7-Year Wood Moisture Meter Warranty
Wagner Meters’ backs all of its MMC and MMI series handheld moisture meters with an industry-leading 7-year warranty.‚Äč
   Wagner Meters

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